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Stretch your toes across the carpet
You won't be grounded for long
I'll watch you grow butterflies
As long as you keep those caterpillars safe

Sometimes twisted roads can twist your mind
Make you burn the maps
And find your own way
Among the wreckage of your late-night dreamings

Trains don't run where we're going
I can promise you that

Sometimes the future can be frightening
Unsalvageable negatives from your camera obscura

Sometimes your feet outgrow
The shoes you've walked here in
And sometimes the wash
Won't clear the stains from your clothing

But the world won't grow from the maybes
The foundations too thin to house your children
Sometimes all you can do is let go
Find a way through the rubble

You have two good legs
-Keep on walking.
Did I learn nothing from watching the entire FMA Brotherhood series in four days?
This is an interesting poem. Starting with the title, "Keep on walking", it has a sort of adventurous ring to it since all great adventures begin after we walk away from out normal,dreary lives into the unknown. The imagery here is very thought provoking and has a philosophical flavour to it. The lines, "I'll watch you grow butterflies.......keep the caterpillars safe" is a really thought provoking line.It might mean that as long as a person is willing to bear the storm or hardships, they will be rewarded for their toil.The second paragraph talks about how the journey can be perilous and how it can "twist your mind". Then the poem is about how unpredictable the future is but nobody can look back or fear it .The only way to go about this is to face the truth and the consequences of one's actions. The ending is very beautiful and is apt.
Maybe the poem would read better if there were a few commas added.
Overall, really nice poem! :)
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RebeccaMorton Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Sometimes the future terrifies me, but time keeps nudging me forward. Even when my feet are too tired to go on.
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December 23, 2012
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